One interesting tid-bit to know is that ThinkPad warranties are different than most other notebooks. If the Gateway system came preloaded with Vista, I would have expected to see a similar drop in performance. Costing ,- EUR it’s not really a bargain. The touchpad is a bit on the small side to accommodate the TrackPoint’s mouse buttons. It seems most of the initial reviews were done using very power hungry dedicated graphics solutions and with a 4-cell battery. Visit our network of sites: Whenever a notebook is released that?

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A genuine ThinkPad comes with a red track point. The actual outer lid is now made of a high-tech plastic composite, that actually feels like thinkpad t61 metal when tapped very cool.

Lenovo ThinkPad T61 Review

Adblock users see more ads. Basically, the T61 ran far, far cooler than my ThinkPad T Turbo Memory-equipped Thinkpad t61 machines can wake faster from hibernation and load and run applications faster.

Super PI, used thinkpad t61 test CPU performance by calculating pi to 2 million digits of accuracy, thinkpad t61 that the T61 was able to outperform the older generation ThinkPads with similar clockspeeds. The matte finish ensures there? Lenovo will try and convince you widescreen offers more screen real estate and so it?

The T61 speakers are located thinkpad t61 the sides of the keyboard, taking thinkpad t61 of the extra real estate width due to the wide format. The T61 reached a new speed record on Adobe Photoshop scripts, thanks to 2GB of memory as well as the Centrino Duo’s faster MHz front-side bus which helps data throughput in general.

All of your bases are covered there, and the greater range I wish the screen would go about two notches brighter than it does, Fujitsu and HP definitely do a better job thinkpad t61 brighter screens on their business notebooks. Basically the same as its predecessor T-series notebooks did.

When you factor in all thinkpad t61 other intangibles comfortable keyboard, lightweight chassis, and moreit’s obvious why the Editors’ Choice for business laptops couldn’t go to anyone else.

Lenovo T61 Specs – CNET

The input devices are user-friendly, the noise and temperature emissions alright. Overall performance and this laptop’s usability will keep businesses coming back for tbinkpad long time. The lid is wrapped with in a soft material, which feels nice to the touch and is thinkpad t61 less sensitive to scratches than the finish of competitor notebooks. Thinkpad t61 is either thinkpad t61, bad or somewhere in between depending on your personal preference. So the T61 is about.

Fabulous keyboard and dual pointing devices.

Overall, it provides a user-friendly way of moving the mouse pointer around. The vertical viewing angles thinkpad t61 the T61 are, like most laptops, poor. The keyboard is still the best in the industry, and you have both touchpad and TrackPoint pointing devices.

View All 7 Photos in Gallery. A maximum brightness of Overall though the ThinkPad T61 does a great job of combining thinkpad t61 usability features and performance, keeping the T-series well established as the leading thinkpad t61 business notebook.

Rest assured, Lenovo will offer other formats of the T61 so you? Pros Fastest Intel components available.

Lenovo ThinkPad T61 Widescreen

A video best demonstrates this:. However, alike its predecessor, the T60, the plastic covers at the palm rest areas emit slightly creaking noises when trying thinkpad t61 twist the case.

However, its performance is not sufficient for thinkpad t61 games. The dimensions of the T61 assuming 4-cell battery that does not stick out are as follows: The benefit of the outer lid now being plastic is that radio waves Wi-Fi, WWAN penetrate thinkpad t61 the 6t1 more easily and provide better wireless throughput.

Thin,pad Lenovo ThinkPad T61 provides only the most necessary standard interfaces. This is a shame. Thinkpad t61 antenna is now hidden. One cool feature Lenovo has added is called battery stretch.