We could not uncover any anomalies regarding speed of reaction by the performed scroll tests. Sign in to comment Be respectful, keep it clean and stay on topic. Lenovo ThinkPad R61 review: Outside of the sufficiently big area of operation, the stability to the vantage point could be better. The processor is definitely fast enough for everyday usage and ran MatLAB benchmarks very well.

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Detailed specifications – ThinkPad R61

I have rr61 some wider USB sticks with the notebook and the two USB slots on the left side do thinkpad r61 allow the wider USB keys to be inserted since the notebook is neither high enough off the ground nor were the USB ports placed high enough on the thinkpad r61.

However, transferring files through Bluetooth was successfully done from my friend?

By using our website, you are agreeing to the use of Cookies. Various widescreen options and resolutions. The ThinkPad thinkpad r61 been fine tuned fhinkpad the generations and while it may not look very cool it is extremely functional. With all these enhancements, there are now remarkably few differences between the two ThinkPads. In the interest of maximizing battery life, Thinkpad r61 went with integrated graphics as the standard configuration.

Modular optical drive that you can swap out for an extra battery. Thinkpad r61 also comes pre-installed with Vista Business. New features in the R61 include a redesigned roll cage for extra reinforcement in the lid, the new Intel? The sonority could be better, but in total the quality of the sound is acceptable and sufficient for an office notebook. While the case got clearly warmer next to the fan, the revolutions did not increase and therewith also the noise stayed at the same level. There is absolutely no flex in any part of the case.

The original configuration included numerous amounts of trial and free software that I thinkpad r61 not interested in. Thinkpad r61 and price comparison on Lenovo Laptops at Ciao. Unlike the T61 the R61 is by default equipped thinkpad r61 a mAh lithium ions battery.

The speakers do crackle occasionally when they are pushed to their limit in both volume and frequency. In fact the use of 2GB of RAM and that T give it thinkpad r61 distinct advantage over thinkpar lot of other notebooks, but what is important is thinkpad r61 the R61 is capable of offering very competitive performance.

View All 7 Photos. Thinkpad r61 it could be quieter in idle mode, the total noise level thinkpad r61, besides a relatively loud DVD drivealright. There are no dead pixels nor should there be as the notebook is a mere 20 days old and has fairly even backlighting.

Lenovo ThinkPad R61

Visit manufacturer site for details. However, the distance decreased gradually. Any of the higher end processors only differ thinkpad r61 maximum clock speed, so unless the user thinkpad r61 high processor usage, going beyond the T is not economical.

Similar to the T61 also the R61’s sound is quite passable. Very thinkkpad, the noise level stayed constant even under load.

The measured surface temperatures are within reasonable limits.

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Thinkpad r61 ThinkPad R61 comes in matte black, with rounded corners and a ThinkPad logo emblazoned on the bottom right of the lid. The particular unit I purchased was 6r1 The noise could be thinkpad r61 heard in quiet environments, but was not especially annoying.

Besides raw performance tests thinkpad r61 benchmarks, the notebook is otherwise very quick for all applications even memory and processor intensive ones such as Photoshop CS and is sufficient for non-gamers. A Webcam sits on top of the display, although we’re not sure how many business users thinklad need one.

The speakers are decent but not exceptional. People usually settled for an R-Series laptop when they couldn’t pay T-Series money. Both thinkpad r61 available in sub-models the high performance T61p as well as the R61e or the R61i so thinkpad r61 is easy to get confused when making your choice.

Although the fan runs all the time, it is not really annoying.