Cara October 20, Can anyone tell me what could be the problem. Joel April 30, Sony no longer support this model. I have a G60 and the screen goes white only in certain positions when opened. I am so grateful for your instructional. Can you get image on the external monitor?

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LCD screen turned completely white | Laptop Repair

Mine is Asus K43u. I have an HP Pavilion dv7 and my screen is completely white. sony pcg-6n1l

Please help me out of this crisis. I hope someone sony pcg-6n1l answer my question. JohnnyMartinez September 6, Sony pcg-6n1l video screen works ok even when internal lcd is white. Go to the manuals and download the maintenance and osny guide. My LCD is completely white, i have disassembled everything and re attached the cables, still white. Rosa Sony pcg-6n1l 24, There are no obvious tabs, screws, etc.

Marque Blundell November 5, I have had it pop up on me when I was watching a movie once, but it onl ever seems to happen when sony pcg-6n1l computer starts to actually work hard. Could be corrupted video driver. When I got home I went sony pcg-6n1l into the internet and I found your article. I sony pcg-6n1l a service manual.

I guess that depends on the size of your lawn. Yes, I do get external output perfectly. I dont know if the lcd is the main problem, a loose cable, mother board, or harddrive. Ash September 28, Sorry for the long son, I misplaced this link.

Service manuals for Sony Vaio

When you lightly tap the LCD you can see video. I have read through the wonderful and helpful guides on this site and therefore done some pc-6n1l Turns out it was the connection on the back of the LCD, instant hero. Vincent August 13, Can sony pcg-6n1l one tell me where to buy sony power supply or where to sony pcg-6n1l load diagram of sony vgn cr???

Catherine March 27, Not a very common model apparently. Kray-C August 31, Only when i turn it sony pcg-6n1l completely and then soby it on the image is ok, but only in boot up sequence. This has sony pcg-6n1l up my white screen problem; I guess the auto detection function is messed up and that is why you get a white screen.

Press F12 as soon as Toshiba logo appears on the screen. By the way, some laptop that come with Sont do not support Sony pcg-6n1l. The lcd screen goes completely white, but displays again after i turn it off and on.

Connect an external monitor and test your laptop while the internal LCD is disconnected. How black is it? I just want to ask if its possible that the vertical bar was the catalyst that set off the entire screen sony pcg-6n1l, as it seems that only that bar was there one day before, and one day later the screen completeley broke without being subjected to any heat or pressure. sony pcg-6n1l

Service manuals for Sony Vaio | Laptop Repair

This particular model detects an external monitor automatically. Dear CJ, Tks for yr reply but I like this sony pcg-6n1l and try to rescue it. Appreciate you help in advance. Mine sony pcg-6n1l in furthur than I thought. Ramana August 13, When i start large applications it works fine for hours.

Thanks for the quick response. Pcv-6n1l Santerre October 16, Emmanuel mwaba November 2, JT October 24, When I use youtube, and the Laptop goes into slumber when still on youtube, I have a total white screen afterwards.

sony pcg-6n1l

LCD screen turned completely white

My daughter knocked her laptop off the table whilst open. Ed Bax March 8, Cybernetics May sony pcg-6n1l, I sent it in to hp for repairs, and they told me it was going to be a lcd screen replacement based ON the vertical bars that they saw.

I got lucky to click sony pcg-6n1l this website and in less than a minute, I fix my problem. sonu

This might help I think. It would be nice if you can take a picture of the faulty screen, upload it somewhere Flickr for pcgg-6n1l and sony pcg-6n1l here a link.

I have a Compaq nx with a 15?

I am not a technican just an enthusiast replaced the screen in 1 hour without any ocg-6n1l. Yet when hooked sony pcg-6n1l the screen goes white.