Therewith, the OpticFilm i had a durability of 2 years. This scanner was replaced by the successor Plustek OpticFilm i in February In the third adjacent example that shows the enlargement of the third image cutout, the image results of the dark image areas of the three above mentioned scanners are compared: To use all features of our website, it’s recommended to enable javascript in your browser! The charging of a slide adapter would only make sense if it was possible to process several slides at once in the batch modus, but this function has not been provided by Plustek with the newest model.

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This has a decisive disadvantage for the user: By itself, it might be enough for the casual user who can live with color capture that’s credible.

Plustek OpticFilm 7600i Ai

If there was one specification that worried us about the i it was the 3. The scanner is guaranteed to work properly. While the Ai configuration also installs plustek opticfilm 7600i profiles, it includes barcoded 35mm IT8 targets for Ektachrome and Kodachrome.

Some selected movies about special SilverFast 76600i can be accessed directly below. But with three packages to choose from, it may not be immediately obvious which way to go.

Color quality in particular was notably better than the color quality for the i SE, presumably thanks plustek opticfilm 7600i the IT8 calibration that I’ve already mentioned in the i Ai’s version of SilverFast. The scan with CrystalScan appears less sharp than the one of the Nikon, and the scan with the OpticFilm i shows a clear blurring in plustek opticfilm 7600i.

With a opticfilmm plustek opticfilm 7600i of 24bits, the resulting uncompressed image file is of a size of approximately Plustek opticfilm 7600i. The advantage of higher resolution scanning is 1 the ability to print a much larger image and 2 the ability to crop a part of the 35mm frame as the whole image.

This slide opticiflm film scanner features a mounted slide carrier and a negative carrier for holding a strip of four transparency slides and a strip of six films, respectively.

To avoid adding grain or noise to the low contrast areas of your scan, you’ll want to increase the Threshold dramatically. The scan of one negative for example, showed both the white on white detail in a bride’s plustek opticfilm 7600i and the two levels of black in her father’s tuxedo.

Plustek OpticFilm i SE Scanner | eBay

During this procedure, the half-opened cap of the plustek opticfilm 7600i that is faced upwards stands in the way. Note that iSRD also includes a software only option, but the hardware-based version does a better job, by taking advantage of an IR scan to detect dust and scratches and then plustwk removing them from the image.

In the adjacent example that shows an enlargement of the first marked image cutout above, it is visible that the Reflecta CrystalScan certainly also did not remove all the dust particles on the film surface of the scanned slide, but it still removed more interferences than the Plustek OpticFilm plusek plustek opticfilm 7600i. We first present the times for the scanning of the negatives: Then we tried to see how much information the i could recover from our flood-damaged slides.

The comparators are scanners capable of delivering high optical resolution, good dynamic range and bit depth: Plustek opticfilm 7600i of the SilverFast applications requires entering a serial number. Now we come to the most important part of our test that is the oppticfilm quality of opricfilm Plustek OpticFilm i. The scanner’s focus on quality rather than speed pays off with excellent results.

HP Enterprise Flow Scanner. Installation and initiation The provided software is easy to install without any problem.

Best Selling in Scanners See all. No image editing software knows what to do with the infrared channel and none of them write editing metadata to the TIFF header. The box optifilm which the Plustek OpticFilm i is delivered contains everything what is needed for the digitalisation of 35mm images and more: Thereby, the scanning proceeds in accordance to the proved scheme: The slide holder with 4 inserted slides suggests the user to charge all at once in order to be scanned together automatically.

In order to detect the scanning opticflim shown in the follwing tables, the scanner plustek opticfilm 7600i been connected via USB 2.

The plastic case is attached to a metal bottom for a very sturdy build. Scanning framed 35mm slides In the scope of delivery of the Plustek OpticFilm i there is the same slide adapter as provided with plustek opticfilm 7600i previous model: This consists on the NewSoft Presto! Scanning speed In order to detect the scanning times shown in the follwing tables, the scanner has been connected via USB 2.

Even if you’re knowledgeable about scanning, expect to invest some time learning plustek opticfilm 7600i to use the program—particularly the more sophisticated features like the multi-scan and dust and optjcfilm removal plsutek you want to plustek opticfilm 7600i full advantage of it.

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