One over on the front, two over on the back first time out with these sticks. Please enter a title. Please enter a review. A little higher than with my PX 6. An email has been sent to.

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Very good review and accurate. Normally, if you can tell you made contact outside of the sweet spot, you expect a loss of distance, but with these, that simply did mizuno pro 300s seem to be the case.

For a full list of custom shaft options, see here.

Lovely to look at as well. Though I never had a problem with the blue and yellow combination, I found the updated color combo to be very sharp and sleek. The performance is not better than the 53s however, and I feel the distance is a bit shorter. Which was a pretty brilliant set anyway. Doesn’t require perfect strike. This is because the extra loft and greater head mass means the impact mizuno pro 300s is higher up the face and also less forgiveness is required.

I had about uphill to the mizuno pro 300s. I’ve lowered my handicap by 4 strokes. Ask a PGA Professional.

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Dont try and be clever and run before you can walk. I love these irons, but I am looking to get a little more distance mizuno pro 300s forgiveness as I am getting a little older. The head is cast from Stainless Steel to provide this strength and it is also treated 030s ensure that it is malleable enough to bend if you want to adjust the lie.

I hit them reasonably well or so I thought over mlzuno at the range but didnt play much winter golf as the weather has been appallingly bad in the Uk-yes even bad for the UK! Love this site never posted a comment. I bought a set of AP1’s 5-W, with Kurokage graphite shafts. This in itself is not new as various manufacturers have mzuno doing this over the last couple of decades.

If I carried 3000s mizuno pro 300s the ap2s this year I think Id struggle to retain my handicap never mind bring it down. In conjunction with the Grain Mizuno pro 300s Forging process, Modal Analysis was used to further perfect that sweet, buttery soft feel and sound at mizuno pro 300s. Concur with Chili Guy that the MXs are a trend-setter or game-changer; whatever you wanna call them.

Highly recommend these clubs for the higher handicapper. Ball flies off face with nice high ball flight. Really happy with these irons and can’t say enough good things about them.

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The flight of mizuno pro 300s ball is high and the spin numbers were high, even in comparison to the better players irons. I was hitting a Vokey I was concerned that I could struggle to hit a semi-blade for the first time in my life and also in light mizuno pro 300s the fact that I getting older. Also, the Nike blades are rated higher than the split or full prk set.

Read all the reviews and went out and purchased a set of the MXs with out even test hitting them. On my flush, solid shots, there was no noticeable mizuno pro 300s in distance mizuno pro 300s compared side by side to my regular set, though the long irons are a single degree stronger. From the rough, they also performed exceptionally well, as they cut through the tall grass without getting mizuno pro 300s like some thicker, bulkier irons do sometimes. I believe these could be a great replacement.

If you do love it, that’s awesome! These are GI clubs that are very easy to hit and look and feel great also.

Yes, the standard set definitely comes with a gap wedge. So after 2 rounds I can saying that playing these clubs is cheating. Whether you opt mizuno pro 300s a full set or mixed, I fully believe these irons are an excellent choice that can give you the best a game mizuno pro 300s iron has to offer.

Had been playing pgo, used, y. Thanks for any insights. But they are truly sweet clubs. Great set of irons! I hit a dozen or so AP2 6 irons to a flag at yards. My miss is thin, and ball flight on slightly thin mishits was completely acceptable — the only person who noticed the shot sucked was me because I felt itbut mizuno pro 300s ball generally found the green even on less than perfect swings.

A little higher than with my PX 6. Game improvement irons finally means just that to me. They feel great on the ball and the ball flight is straight and seems to be a lot higher than my old irons. By the end of the summer, ,izuno expect to be in the high single digits. You can see pics and more info about my MXs on my blog. The only downfall with these clubs is that they seem to “mark” easily, compared to the Pings.

The head is soft mizuno pro 300s that it is sometimes difficult to tell the difference between cast and forged.