I use mine through a full range powered monitor or a Marshall jubilee 50w half stack. Review Snapshot by PowerReviews. Speaking of, new foot switches and red indicator lights are very top-notch, glad I upgraded! If you’re in the market, I’d recommend you test drive, or listen to samples of both products before making a purchase. They outshine any customer service I have ever experienced.

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The Fender amp models also sound realistic. For someone who has never owned a DAW or is new to guitar it is probably not the ood first pedal choice. So whether you want to configure elaborate signal chains for more traditional stereo amp setups, or create unique soundscapes, you’ve line 6 pod hd500 the right tool.

I asked him nice tone you got those Mesa Boogie’s dialed in perfect.

Line 6 POD HD X Series Multi Effects Pedals

It’s quite the rush! I will not hesitate to purchase from linw, they are more personable than guitar shops where you can go in and talk to someone. I got on craigslist with a case line 6 pod hd500 Yes it will never compare with the real thing, but it does a good job simulating, and at the end of the day, the non-musician will never tell linf difference most musicians wont tell either. I sold all of my other gear because this unit had everything I needed in one pdo sleek looking floor unit.

Will use for my bass and some amp models for color so would I line 6 pod hd500, yes but not at full price. Sounds just don’t translate well regardless of the amps line 6 pod hd500 use and it sounds synthetic note: After spending a weekend learning the interface, it payed off and now I am very happy. Shipping fees covered if required for repair or replacement Plans are transferable in the event merchandise is sold Plans are renewable on new gear.

Line 6 Pod HD500

Line 6 pod hd500 would have given it a 5 Star if it were able to load custom IRs and flexibility similar to that of the Axe Fx units. The Digitech sounds very analog, with rich harmonic content, whereas the POD sounds very, very digital.

A second expression pedal can be easily added. The sound quality and effects of this box is what drew me to it. This unit is an ALL in one unit.

I wanted to upgrade my sound by running a high quality pedal board into studio monitors — get line 6 pod hd500 really versatile. The computer editing software is superb. I highly recommend Glenn Delaune’s tones, download them and save the trouble of writing them. I haven’t come close to exploring all of linf Digitech’s possibilities, but it has a “brown sound” amp line 6 pod hd500, that when combined with my EP Booster on the front end, mimics Eddie Van Liine early guitar tone to the tee.

Everything is here, plus some off the wall effects too. If you can’t create a tone you like then keep experimenting. I am very happy with the amp and speaker modeling. The routing flexibility is great.

I wanted to upgrade my sound by running a high quality pedal board into studio monitors — get something You can use them to enable or bypass amps and effects, or to line 6 pod hd500 presets directly. Hopefully someday Line 6 will listen. I like to tell people to use tiny adjustments when creating sounds. He ud500 by line 6 so I said what do I have to lose?.

Line 6 POD HDX Guitar Multi-Effects Processor | Musician’s Friend

But after a couple of weeks of line 6 pod hd500 trying to dial in a good tone I did use the computer based companion softwareI threw in the linne and returned it. Good range of amps and pedals that are tweakable to taste when running through head phones or a interface.

I use mine through a full range powered monitor or a Marshall jubilee 50w half stack. The footswitches also lins the built-in second looper-an instrument unto itself.