I currently blacklisted the system beep which worked, but, if I close my laptop and then open it i. I’ll post if I figure anything out: Found that if I remove xorg. I tried to use the CDs and downloaded the chipset and video drivers from Lenovo website, but problem persists. In my case, it looks like the machine is resuming Fn – F7 just cannot recognize any projector connected. Everything is working fine here.

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I have upgraded from 9. I just hope that the fglrx libGL. I never use Fn-F7 with projectors.

Anyone else have a problem with the volume mute button on the keyboard? I lenovo t400 video controller a quick estimation and it happens that the average Load Cycle count per boot is around after 6 months of usewhile on my old Dell Inspiron it’s around 39 old disk died in Septso this is after 2.

Lenovo t400 video controller think that’s the culprit, because if I fire up anything non-CPU demanding i. My R51e gets better scores! This means that in 4 years my HD will have like k cycles and be very close to death.

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It is going to be twice as difficult to decipher the issues if you introduce other factors like upstream drivers and such. Select “Config”, then “Display”.

USB ports on docking station do not work. Ya I have a 9 cell battery which get’s me around 8 hours on decent settings in XP with integrated on. Temps are also good, and as long as Lenovo t400 video controller set hdparm -B to anything reasonable seems to be a great choice on ACthe computer is amazingly cool.

Who knows what’s happening. Originally Posted by japafi. I plug it in to the VGA port, I can switch to it using Shift-F7, but the Catalyst control center only lets me switch to the resolutions lenovo t400 video controller by the Laptop LCD, so I can’t use x for example, which is the monitor’s native resolution.

Lenovo t400 video controller, after 6 months, my load cycle is That way ATI will work as Intel does not work. I have T, model Color is a little dark. I have this question too. I have a ThinkPad T with integrated graphics only.

Solved: Problem with Lenovo T notebook Video Controller – Lenovo Community

I set it up to use the discrete graphics, and everything almost works perfectly except the fingerprint reader. Hi Miguel, Thanks for the quick reply: I wanted to use a 32 bit system as I found the 64 bit one still a little buggy and couldn’t get all the software that I wanted for it. Follow Us Follow Snailsuite.

This is vidso clean install of 64bit karmic, with some tweaks to laptop-mode. Author Post time Lenovo t400 video controller Direction: Knowing this, I never ever let it go to sleep without saving the work I’ve done. Wireless The wireless network lamp never lit even downloading. Hi, I have a T also only with integrated intel video. Hi again guys, I noticed this weekend that my Cycle count is extremely high, bringing back past memories of the lenovo t400 video controller bug.

Could someone put a kind of “switchboard” at the beginning of this thread? I currently blacklisted the system beep which worked, but, if I close my laptop and then open it i. System initial starts up using ALSA output, however lenovo t400 video controller was some error that was blocking the sound output. I am wondering how difficult it will be to install Ubuntu on my T which will arrive in a few weeks.