Thanks to Robbie I had a jam message but there was nothing stuck in the printer. Shaking it upside down worked!! Using Auto Fax Convert The keycode is saved. I got an A which was being tossed out at work due to paper feed problems that couldn’t be fixed. I unplugged the printer, turned upside down, shake, shake, skae – nothing fell out – i looked in th eprinter feed area and now was able to see the top portion of the sharpie! General Problems, Fax Problems, Paper Problems Print jobs may be stuck in the print queue if you have multiple instances of your Dell printer installed on your computer.

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I read some of your suggestions. Thanks so much guys.

Dell 964 All In One Photo Printer Notice

Thanks for the reply but it wasn’t a feeder problem, it was an ink cartridge problem. I havent had it for more than 2 years. I printrr believe it when I found this thread detailing exactly what was happening with my printer. As far as computers go.

Add a mechanical pencil to the mix. Page photk Page 19 – loading paper Page 20 – print media guidelines Page 21 – placing your document on the scanner gla Thank you so much everyone for being more helpful than Dell- they don’t give easy or simple advice like this! Phhoto the speed you want, and press Select to start the slideshow.

Somehow a small stem was in there lol I had the exact same problem with a Photo and was going to buy a new printer today, but with your advice I was able to fix my printer with a pair of dell photo aio printer 924.

Dell Drivers Download for Windows 10, 8, 7, XP, Vista

Then I tried using your card stock suggestion. Connecting directly to a telephone wall jack Connect a phone cord from the FAX connector – left side connector on the printer to the telephone wall jack. I had a feeder problem too and I was panic stricken.

Using shielded cables ensures that you maintain the appropriate Electromagnetic Dell photo aio printer 924 classification for the intended environment. Toll-free numbers are for use within the country for which they are listed. My son brought his Dell home from college and said it had not been working for quite some time and he couldn’t figure out what was wrong.

But shakin didn’t work. When you finish customizing your settings, click Scan Now. However the quality of the printer just isn’t dell photo aio printer 924 enough.

I kept getting this error message that told me to “clear the paper jam,” but I didn’t see one I tried all of these and my paper still gets stuck. Lift the tray as if you are gonna change the ink cartridge. Follow the instructions on the Speed Dial tab to add a new number to your speed dial list. Just spent the last hour fighting dell photo aio printer 924 mybeen through tech support with no avail so in one last effort i tried putting 20 sheets of paper in the feeder pushing them in as far as they would go without damaging anything.

The warranty period is not extended if we repair or replace a warranted product or any parts. The problem is that once you buy the dell low grade lexmark printer, you dell photo aio printer 924 stuck with it. Load your original document. Use paper that is a heavier weight, bright white, or coated.

I had a paper due imminently and my paper was crinkling is that pritner word? The pictues i’m printing now look like i had dell photo aio printer 924 done at a printing shop. Depending on printer type and model, they are either made out of cork or rubber.

Looked further in this thread and fixed the problem!

Dell Drivers Download

Small piece of cereal stuck to a flappy piece. Lightly spray a sheet of bond paper with tacky adhesive the kind used for temporarily mounting photos in albums and feed this paper through. Thanks so much folks.

Dell photo aio printer 924 more Dell printers for me. Printing Borderless Photos Make sure you have a color cartridge and a photo cartridge sold separately installed. I don’t think it is a jam cause the paper doesn’t get wrinkled. Besides shaking the printer up-side downI also vacummed it and my marker fell off and my printer is working fine dell photo aio printer 924.

I was searching for help on my printer problem and was very successful thanks to this answer! Dell did you manage to get your printer apart I”ve been snapping plastic bits and unscewing screws but can’t seem to get the actually shell apart to get inside drll