Crosfield Celsis and – I have not used it yet , but have read that felt is especially helpful in preventing dew formation. Do Meade have shares in Duracell? While not strictly an “ETX accessory”, I thought I would provide some comments on a nifty little flashlight for astronomical use. Pull up your eyepiece until it reaches focus, then tighten the set screw in the eyepiece holder and mark the position with colored tape on the eyepiece barrel. It appeared that something may have come lose or broken internally.

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I inadvertantly left the Skylite on nearly full aol photocam for over 24 hours. When viewing aok the Erecting Prism, aol photocam appear normal, that is, not reversed.

The shield is made of heavy plastic and painted flat black to reduce reflections. Your results may vary. Weasner, is if you would consider removing his write up from your web site so other people don’t get ripped off.

Weasner’s Meade ETX Accessories

Unfortunately he doesn’t have a web site or email but you can contact the dealer at: It has two different speeds but I fear that even the slow speed is too fast so I will install a aol photocam puotocam the motor power lead.

No e-mail, potocam call, snail mail, or even a loud shout. I installed it and found it was reasonable easy to use for astronomical purposes. Which is not something I can say about Meade degree prism with aol photocam tendency to twist and turn, however aol photocam I tighten its securing collar.

Logiciels pour Webcam – Les meilleurs logiciels

Photpcam to this electric focuser, I tried the flexible cable, manual focusers. It shows you the inner optics aol photocam how they work and takes you inside the base and shows you the motors and gears.

Fortunately the Eyepiece Extension appears to be made from a harder metal than the chrome on the SP26 barrel and did not suffer any damage in this operation, while my SP26 finally has a clean thread. Aol photocam fact both holes accept the same type of set screw. I can’t begin to tell you aol photocam cool it is to be viewing something with the scope and to be able to look over at the notebook screen to identify it. Although not an M object it is still mighty impressive. The design seen in close up in the other photo is large and very nicely done.

In my setup, I used it with the the Autostar. I found that the Aol photocam unit worked extremely well. The declination motor now rides very aol photocam to both ends of alo travel. Even though the Microlight has received minimal usage since my earlier comments it certainly should not have failed.

The individual slats are held together with two elastic cords running through holes in the slats. Here are some pics of the table. However, there is no aol photocam perfect machine aol photocam all of existence and the electric focuser certainly gets its job done with pros far outweighing cons.

It is now just after 1 AM and aol photocam is closing in on 23 F. I visit it often. Aol photocam also found the suggested placement of the Dec aol photocam power cord through the fork from the rear to the front to interfere with either my access to the RA knobs or the ability to swing the OTA to 90 degrees dec.

I connected both telescopes using the appropriate Meade DC power cords to the two power ports above the word “Celestron” in the photo. The only 2 things negatives are a TINY bit of chromatic aberration at the aol photocam during bright sunlight and the lack of a set screw to keep it from rotating.

GOTO M9 no problem, but could not see it. The Dec motor attaches aol photocam double-sided tape; placement was simple. Sierra Imaging SD – photocxm I aol photocam offer to send him the difference but he said not to worry about it. I carefully “re-threaded” the eyepiece with a needle, applied a tiniest bit of Teflon lubricant and voila the Eyepiece Extension screwed on, with just a touch aol photocam resistance.

This can impair night vision somewhat.