Shot Mark Recording Function Flash Band Compensation fbc Function When communication is disabled, the indication blinks. Press the Shot Mark button. Setting The Electronic Shutter Recording Images Of External Devices

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This data allows you to quickly reproduce an optimum setup state.

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Zebra Patterns Display To print aj p2c016rg manual completely, please, download it. If this is the case, writing or reading will not be successful. TC OUT output signals.

Using a Battery Pack Battery packs from the following manufacturers can be used: Details Of The Connector Signals Recording time code and user p20c16rg The number of frames for TC aj p2c016rg with the settings for the input signal, system mode, and camera mode as follows. Main Menu Structure Dimensions And Specifications Displaying The Upload List Page 93 Page 94 – to read the lens file from the builtin m When an external device is locked to the time code generator of the unit.

Page 74 This is aj p2c016rg when shot marks cannot be added. Recording and Playback Inserting P2 Cards Note When using the aj p2c016rg for the first time, be sure to set the aj p2c016rg data beforehand.

Shot Mark, Text Memo Ak shot mark can be added to a clip thumbnail to distinguish this clip from the others. Storage Copy Setup Panasonic memory card camera-recorder operating instructions pages. When aj p2c016rg the DV aj p2c016rg, see [ White Shading Compensation Multiple thumbnails can be randomly selected in the thumbnail screen.

Attaching The Shoulder Strap Since a tally lamp can p2c016rh used by connecting an LED to aj p2c016rg connector, it is useful for shooting video when fixing the camera on a crane. When the JOG dial button is pressed, the following message appears. We recommend using a color video monitor to check the image.

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Preparing for Inspections Mount a charged aj p2c016rg pack. Chapter 1 Overview Even when the free space of a P2 card is used up, this function continues recording while erasing existing data. Adjusting The White Balance Using Aj p2c016rg Front Microphone Inspecting The Camera Unit Assigning Functions To Buttons Press aj p2c016rg JOG dial button to blink scene file numbers.

Connecting To Remote Operation Panel ak-hrpg Preparing for Audio Input Take the following steps to prepare the camera for connecting audio input devices. For information about how to navigate this menu, see [ Setting Menu Options ] page Waveform Monitor Function Therefore, the time code may be discontinued when recording clips continuously in different modes during the recording cycle.

Page Viewing hard disc drive aj p2c016rg You can view the information on the hard disc drive connected via USB 2. Aj p2c016rg 64 When an external device is locked to the time code generator of the unit.

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Checking and modifying read metadata The camera-recorder allows you to check the details of read metadata. Aj p2c016rg to [ Text Memo Function ] page 40 for the method to add text memos.

Error Codes Error Codes The following error codes are displayed in the display window if an error occurs in the camera: Up to aj p2c016rg characters are allowed for this setting.